Manta Divers offers a diverse choice of incredible dive sites which are unique to the rich waters of Cancun. The Caribbean is home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, with an over abundance of colorful marine life in crystal clear water. It's like diving in an aquarium!

The Isla Mujeres Reefs (Manchones) are located in a protected marine park in front of Isla Mujeres. Cancun is also home to the underwater museum called “MUSA” which was created in 2009 with over 450 sculptures. MUSA is one of the largest underwater art attractions in the world. Manchones/MUSA is very popular due to the large variety of dive locations in such a small area.

The Manchones/MUSA area is our normal afternoon dive sites, but it is also available for morning dives if there is enough interest.

This area is the best for both, BEGINNERS or EXPERIENCED divers. With the boat attached to a buoy, you will do a backroll positive entry and will have the possibility of using the drift and descent lines.

The Punta Cancun Reefs  are also part of a protected area just off the coast of Cancun. These sites offer a wide variety of life. These sites have some of our larger life, such as sharks, rays, and groupers. We usually do this excursion as a morning trip.

This area is the best for divers that have dove recently. We consider this area to be best for INTERMEDIATE to EXPERIENCED divers. As the boat will NOT be attached to any buoy, you will do a backroll negative entry and will have to go down quite fast in order to not miss the reef. Once you have descended, it is a very easy dive as you will then be protected from the current and will slowly kick as you enjoy the view!

The shipwreck is also on the Cancun coast and is done as a morning excursion. The C-58 is a navy minesweeper that has been down for years now. Large schools of eagle rays, barracuda and giant groupers are lurking in these waters. You would first do a wreck dive, then a deep reef dive (see description above).

The wreck dive is considered our most difficult dive and is for EXPERIENCED divers only. As the boat will NOT be attached to any buoy, you will do a backroll negative entry and will have to go down quite fast in order not to miss the wreck because the current can be extremely strong at times. 

PLEASE NOTE: This wreck dive is our most challenging dive. If you have one or more of the following items you can say “YES” to, then we STRONGLY recommend consulting with us before hand with any concerns that you may have.

  • Less than 30 dives
  • Less than Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Last dive more than 1 year ago
  • Difficulty equalizing your ears (If you have difficulty clearing your ears then due to the arduousness of the entry, this dive is NOT recommended for you.)