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Here's why Cancun should be your Mexican scuba diving haven.

Mexico… the land of tequila, tacos, sombreros and undoubtedly some of the best diving in the world. From diving with sea lions in La Paz to exploring the thriving reefs of Banco Chinchorro there is a diverse range of possibilities suitable for all experience levels. With so much choice it’s hard to know where to base yourself for the ultimate Mexican scuba adventure.

In the state of Quintana Roo you'll find the world-recognised tourist hot spot, Cancun. Here's why you shouldn't hesitate to book Cancun for your next epic diving trip...


Cancun’s tropical climate means that the conditions are perfect for scuba diving year-round. There is very little difference between the seasons and the water temperate barely fluctuates, with 82-84 Fahrenheit in the summer dropping only to 78-80 Fahrenheit in the winter. With calm waters and the average visibility around 75ft/25+ metres this is the perfect location for students and certified divers!


Basing yourself in Cancun for a dive trip means you’re a stones throw away from a multitude of options. The dive sites in Isla Mujeres can be reached from Manta in 30 minutes by boat where you can explore one of the largest underwater attractions in the world – MUSA. This site is filled with over 400 statues which are now flourishing with life. Head south from Manta and you’ll have the opportunity to dive a cenote – an ancient freshwater cavern with crystal clear visibility and incredible rock formations! Heard of Cozumel? Manta Diver's Cozumel Direct tour drives you south to Playa Del Carmen where you can hop on a dive boat and head straight to those world-renowned walls!


The waters in Cancun host an outstanding range of wildlife! Cancun’s beautiful coral reefs are home to an array of tropical fish not to mention turtles, rays, moray eels, lobsters, and crabs. From June – September you can snorkel with whale sharks. In the winter months spotted eagle rays frequent our deeper dive sites and from November – March you can scuba dive with Bull sharks! It’s a marine-life lover’s dream!

Choosing Cancun for your next diving adventure will not disappoint. With year-round sun, a never-ending list of dive spots and great biodiversity this is truly a divers paradise. Contact Manta Divers today for more info!

Happy Bubbles.

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